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PDF Myythic 3.0 Definitive

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Myythic: The Buried Temple of Alimar                                        
Classes such as: Cleric, Dispeller, Rogue, Druid: Elementalist or Shape-Shifter, Paladin, or a brute Warrior, and many new classes!

The adventures of Myythic are of perils, beasts and creatures, and those heroic warriors and voyagers willing to countermand them. Begin in an hour of fantasy and fashion your character daring to charge into the Myythic world, and unearth what surely belongs to you.

Plunge into adventure as you seek out MYYTHIC objects from the god Thelica to enhance your sovereignty or fall to the sword of another.  Myythic gives the narrative to the players.  Giving YOU the aftermath of what lies ahead.  Filled with unique storytelling, and creatures to face, finding the end of the game may not be as simple as you anticipated.

With unique rules only in Myythic, find Allies, and Foes to use new and exciting rules that are one-of-a-kind to this realm of gaming.   Use Mulligans to twist and change rules, and dominate Event Rules to command the dark depth creatures upon your foes. Myythic is an exploration you may not come back from to boast about to your Comrades.


300 page rule book.  No Game Master is needed for this table-top rpg.