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Offline Myythic 3.0 Dungeon Sim Cards (Click for video demo) Dice Not Included.


              Play Myythic in a whole new way with these Dungeon Sim cards.  The game is harder, more random, and more fun to play. It still has the adventure aspect and the unknown involved. Who knows what is on the other side of the card, when you have decided what direction your party will take. This is a great way to randomize the paths you may have taken in our dungeon simulator if you are familiar with Myythic: The Buried Temple of Alimar.

              The cards are a great way to take your Myythic experience on the go, where you won't need the computer to have a fun gaming experience. Take Myythic with you anywhere there may not be an internet connection, or if you wish to have your Myythic game unplugged, this is the way to do it. You will still need to purchase the Myythic rulebook if you do not have your own to play the game. So go on, take an adventure, and take Myythic with you anywhere!


72 cards in the play pack.