Cactyys Totem Robot, LLC

CTR is the mastermind of the Board Games for Cactyys Totem Entertainment. Driven by talent, story, and unique ideas, this company ensures to deliver quality games to the market place. 

Sanctum Games

Sanctum Games was purchased by

Cactyys Totem Entertainement, LLC

in 2019.  Sanctum Games is the powerhouse of computer games for Cactyys Totem Entertainment, LLC.  


Nothing will limit what can be imagined from us. 


The Cactyys started out as Myythic Gaming in 2012.  In 2014, Myythic Gaming was dropped as Cactyys Totem Gaming, LLC was officially drafted. 

In September 2017, Cactyys Totem Gaming felt it needed to rebrand and expand itself.   So, with some of the same partners from CTG, Cactyys Totem Entertainment was formed.

In 2019, the decision was made to redesign the company's logo and branch off into other gaming fields.  Sanctum Games was acquired for this reason.

In 2020, Cactyys Totem Robot LLC. was formed to create board games under Cactyys Totem Entertainment's Umbrella, along with Sanctum Games, to produce as many different types of products as possible.  

In January 2021, Sanctum Games became the 2nd LLC operating under CTE.

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